TASO Baseball Starter Package


Baseball Starter Package Details:

Combo Pant -Choice between Honig's, Smitty or Cliff Keen pleated front combo pant in Charcoal Gray. 

TASO Approved Shirt - Choice between Honig's, Smitty or Cliff Keen

Face Mask, Leg Guards & Chest Protector - Choice between Champion, Honig's, Pro Nine, Wilson Platinum or Force 3.

TASO-Richardson System 5-   Mesh System 5 Cap. 4 or 8 stitch.

BL02 Stretch Belt - Adjustable Elastic Belt, One size fits all

BB314 - Umpire Ball Bag - Double stitched inside pockets and is suitable for both baseballs and softballs. The bag features two reinforced wide belt loops to ensure no bunching during the game. The inside pockets can hold a plate brush, pen and indicator.

PI4- 4-Wheel Umpire Indicator - Shows Strikes, Balls, Outs and Innings.

UB5 Wooden Plate Brush

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